Sash Window Inserts


Sash inserts are becoming more and more popular. Keeping that very important historic look of your windows with the modern touch of slimline hertige double-glazing, we create a fantastic new window without replacing your sash box. Our joinery workshop team have over 10 years experience under there belt at making timber sash windows. The attention to detail when making a replica of your original sash window is second to none. We only use high quality materials when making your windows and you have a wide selection of timber to choose from such as Southan yellow pine, Iroko, Sapele or Oak. We also only use Slimline hertige double-glazing which is 11m thick. We use this as when replacing a original window we aim to match every detail including the thickness of the sash. Other companies may use 24mm glass which is what you see in plastic windows and does not match original features. New sash inserts come fully painted in a colour of your choice and have new furniture put on them. We renovate your original sash box and use new wax cord with lead weights to hang your new windows. If you are looking to upgrade to double-glazing but dont want to replace your whole box or just want a new sash window that will stand the test of time, give our workshop a call and arrange a appoinment and we can go through all the options with you.